Peter Taylor – Former UN Environmental Advisor on Climate Change and Solar Cycles

Former UN Environmental Advisor Climate Change, Peter Taylor, introduces himself and talks about his research into models of climate change, conflicting science regarding climate change and the ensuing confusion, gives a brief discussion about solar cycles and climate science, food shortages and there consequences and causes. The global warming myth in contrast to the global cooling currently being experienced Former […]

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Arguments for Human Induced Climate Change

Why are climatologists so highly confident that human activities are dangerously warming Earth? Members of the IPCC, the 2007 peace winner, write on climate change.

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Climate Change and Social Adaptation: how the past can inform the future

Excerpt from: “Climate Change and Social Adaptation: how the past can inform the future,” (2010). Author: Diane L. Douglas. Article in press, Ename Center, Ghent, Belgium. Based on a presentation given at the “Climates of Heritage Conservation Colloquim, March 2009. Climate Change Variation in earth’s energy balance occurs over long and short time scales in response to multiple variables […]

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China’s eco-towns: Green communities

China’s eco-towns: Green communities – To go eco, think small Supporters of eco-towns should learn the lesson from the many experiments in China: smaller scale changes are often more effective Throughout 2009 we can expect the debate around eco-communities, eco-villages, eco-towns and eco-cities to continue. From the UK to South Korea, plans are being drawn up, funds are being sought […]

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Global Change and Climate Change Links

Global Change and Climate Change Links: International Organizations and Programs This site provides several links to international organizations and programs that are addressing climate change, sustainable development, and adaptation. Future International Action on Climate Change Network The purpose of this website is to provide an interactive international platform for discussion on future international action on climate change, including […]

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Natural Cycles of Climate Change

Anthropogenic behavior is accentuating natural cycles, but regardless of what we do as humans, natural cycles will occur and therefore we need to adapt – rather than only try to stop climate change. Here are some informational links on Past Climate Change on Earth The Little Ice Age in Europe Medieval Warm Period Holocene Climatic Optimum or Altithermal (Link #1) […]

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Arguments for Human Induced Climate Change

As long as we humans have existed on Earth, we have affected the environment around us. In the past, the effects of our hunting or agricultural activities on the environment were local. This changed with the Industrial Revolution which began round 1750 and accelerated in the 1800s and 1900s. A revolution is a dramatic social change. fossil fuels 2. FOSSIL […]

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Green Global Communities

Around the world communities are standing up to climate change with green efforts. South Africa This article summarizes activities being undertaken by communities in South Africa to make their community greener. The Green World Campaign The GWC connects those who want to help create a more sustainable world with on-the-ground projects that benefit people and planet. We focus […]

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Ways for Youth to get Involved in Climate Change

Take Action for a Green World Provides activities for kids to have fun while contributing to making our world a better place for future generations and all life on earth. Calculate Your Impact (US EPA) Emissions calculator designed for youth. Campus Climate Challenge Youth organizations (college and high school) throughout the U.S. and Canada are working together on […]

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Things you can do

Carbonrally Provides challenges to encourage you to reduce CO2 emissions. Climate Change-What You Can Do (US EPA) Ideas for at home, at the office, on the road, at school.

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