Global Change and Climate Change Links:

International Organizations and Programs
This site provides several links to international organizations and programs that are addressing climate change, sustainable development, and adaptation.

Future International Action on Climate Change Network
The purpose of this website is to provide an interactive international platform for discussion on future international action on climate change, including approaches of a post-2012 commitment regime under the UNFCCC and the Kyoto Protocol. The website is targeted to individuals that are active in thinking about future action on climate change such as researchers, climate modelers, members of country delegations to the UNFCCC, NGOs and any other individuals interested in the topic. This is an living website. Any updating information and comments are always welcome.

Climate Change Australia
Climate Change Australia is devoted to the discussion and analysis of issues surrounding climate change. Topics discussed in the blog include the science involved in global warming, international agreements to reduce emissions, the economic rationale for various reduction mechanisms and perhaps most importantly, what you can do in your everyday life to make a difference. Run by a young economist with a special interest in sustainability and the environment, this site aims to help readers make decisions now which will have a positive effect on the health of the planet in the future.