Diane L. Douglas
Resume Diane Douglas Resume
Creator, Executive Producer, Show Runner, Production Manager, Science Advisor, Writer: Dr. Diane L. Douglas was born in San Pedro, California and grew up in Alberta, Canada. Upon graduating high-school she worked with race-horses, trained an elephant at the Alberta Game Farm, worked as a teamster (driving teams of horses) at Fort Edmonton Historic Park; guided trail rides; apprenticed with Madeline Holmes (wolf trainer, who worked on Never Cry Wolf), worked on The Chronicles, a documentary film on the history of Edmonton, served as an assistant wrangler and extra on the movie Draw, with Kirk Douglas and James Coburn. Diane returned to school to earn a Bachelors (Distinction) in Anthropology, a Master’s of Science in Quaternary Sciences (climate change), and a Doctorate in Geography (Biogeography and Climatology). Since 1983, Diane has worked as a consultant in the fields of anthropology, archaeology, climatology, and history. She has traveled much of the world conducting research, presenting at conferences, and for pleasure. Diane is an expert member of two committees that advise the UNESCO World Heritage Centre (WHC) on managing and preserving cultural resources threatened by development and climate change. Diane has been a key note speaker at UNESCO, the World Bank, and other international organizations, and her position papers and statements have been presented to members of the U.S. Senate and Congress, and the White House. She is currently serving as a scientific advisor for large, controversial projects in Senegal and Mongolia, as well as for ministries of defense, internationally. Dr. Douglas currently serves as Director of Cultural Heritage and Climate Research at the SRI Foundation (www.srifoundation.org), but has undertaken production of the Surviving Earth series independently in her desire to reach as many people as she can with information about climate change and human ingenuity.
*photo credit Diane Douglas: Scott Schaeur

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Brian Thompson
Brian Thompson is an award winning director with a passion for cinematic presentation. He grew up in a tiny border town near Tecate, Mexico. Much of his childhood was spent without a television so he amused himself reading books and writing short stories at a very early age. He graduated with a film degree from San Diego State University with top honors in his class and was snatched up immediately to start directing for major record labels. Since then Brian Thompson has started his own production company “The Vault LA” with business partners Jason Hafer and Dave Gallegos and has directed and produced numerous award winning projects, receiving recognition from the Independent Film Channel, MTV, The San Diego International Film Festival, The Berkley Film Festival, The National Academy of Arts and Sciences and most recently winning the Prestigious Hollywood Film Festival for Best Music Video. Brian currently is involved in developing the documentary series “Surviving Earth” a documentary series about climate change that will help people globally understand how the world’s climate is changing and what their participation in saving the earth can be.