Communities around the world are already experiencing the effects of climate change. Each year, Venice, Italy experiences more severe flooding (Flooding Hits Italy) , hurricanes have become more intense (Hurricane Intensity) , and evidence indicates that some islands in the Maldives are being eroded away by sea level rise (How Sea Level Rise Has Affected the Maldives). Similarly, many Alaskan Natives are losing their villages to thawing permafrost, migrating rivers and reduced sea ice-pack and intensified winter storms. In other regions of the world, communities are threatened by desertification and expanding dune systems – today, these dynamics are most often a combination of poor land management practices and climate change (Desertification Monitoring: Is the Desert Encroaching?) . In addition to the adverse effects of climate change on living communities, some of the world’s prized heritage resources are threatened (Climate change threatens UNESCO World Heritage sites), and once these resources are gone, they can never be replaced.

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Organizations and Companies Researching and Mitigating Climate Change

Surviving Earth defines mitigation more holistically than many sites you may visit. Dr. Douglas has worked in hazard mitigation nationally and internationally for the past 10 years and the organizations she works with defines mitigation as:

Any measure to help reduce the impacts of a disaster on humanity, nature or critical resources (hospitals, water supply, wastewater control systems, fire departments, police departments, etc.), as well as on cultural heritage resources—museums, archaeology sites, monuments, places of worship, etc. Measures can include structural strengthening, flood diversion systems or developing wetland barricades, fire resistance measures, dune stabilization, etc.

The below list of non-profit organizations and for-profit-businesses are provided for businesses, and local, national and international governments and organizations around the world to use as a source to identify organizations that may be able to assist you in:

§ identifying hazards associated with climate change that threaten your community,

§ identifying mitigation measures that can be implemented to reduce the impacts of those hazards,

§ designing hazard mitigation implementation plans,

§ designing or constructing mitigation measures,

§ providing construction management

§ providing environmental review of potential project impacts (biological, cultural, social, economic impacts)

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