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The Surviving Earth Series was conceived by Dr. Diane L. Douglas, a scientist trained in cultural anthropology, archaeology and climate change. The 30 minute pilot and trailer developed for the series was funded solely by Dr. Douglas’ personal savings, and through the kind donation of a considerable amount of time by the film makers at The Vault LA. We each contributed our time and resources with the hope of making a television series that will help inform humanity about the complexities of climate change in an interesting and readily understood format. Foremost, we want to show people how they can make a difference in their community, and in turn improve the global environment by reducing pollution and in so doing making their community a better place to live. Surviving Earth is a series dedicated to encouraging humanity to help improve the health of our planet by showing how people around the world are making a difference. Many people argue that “going green” is unnecessary and wastes valuable economic resources. We disagree. W should all work toward creating a cleaner world for humanity and all life on earth, because it is our social responsibility to be good stewards to the planet. Surviving Earth shows how communities and businesses can create jobs for their citizens through the development and adoption of green technologies—change is inevitable, as it has been for thousands of years. We show how past generations living in all regions of the world adapted to climate change, ice ages and droughts, and not only survived, but thrived. I we embrace change, we can embrace human ingenuity and allow this world to become a better place. But we need your help.

We have met with networks, and most have asked us to breakdown our series into something more simplistic and focused on their particular audience. While we understand there need to address their current audience, we believe an audience exists that would like a series that addresses all of the complex issues of climate change and its impacts on the global community in a holistic and well thought out fashion. We need your help to make this series. If you believe in providing educational material for children that can be shown in classrooms around the world, as well as in living rooms, please donate a dollar to our fund. The money will be used to finance the production of 21 episodes of Surviving Earth.

If you believe in the Surviving Earth Series and would like to become a partner, please contact me and we can discuss your interests and determine the level of partnership appropriate.
Partners will be identified in the credits of the Surviving Earth Series.
Partnership level — $100.00 USD and higher.

If you have an organization, foundation, or business and would like to sponsor Surviving Earth, please contact me. Sponsors will receive space on our website and be identified in the credits of the Surviving Earth Series.
Sponsorship level – $500.00 USD and higher.

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